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 p  a  c k a g i n g (click on the image to enlarge it)

1kg - 2.2lb Carnaroli rice vacuum packed
1kg - 2.2lb Baldo rice
vacuum  packed

1kg - 2.2lb Baldo rice traditional cotton package
1kg - 2.2lb Baldo rice
traditional cotton  package

2kg - 4.4lb Baldo rice traditional package
2kg - 4.4lb Baldo rice
traditional cotton  package

2kg -  4.4lb Baldo Rice white woven non woven package
2kg -  4.4lb Baldo Rice in white woven non woven package

confezione di riso baldo da 2.5kg in stoffa
2.5kg - 5.5lb Baldo rice
traditional cotton  package

confezione di riso baldo da 5kg in stoffa
5kg - 11lb Baldo  rice
traditional cotton  package

Superfino  B A L D O R  i  c  e

A big crystal rice established in 1964; Superfino Baldo rice has a large grain and today stands becoming increasingly sought not only on Italian tables but also on abroad tables.

The secret to "keep the cooking" is to stop the firing between 15 and 16 minutes.

versatile rice, suitable also eaten in vegetables broth and traditional soups.

It belongs to the group of "superfini Rices" and owes its origins at genealogy Arborio x STIRPE N. 136; now is considered to be the son of Arborio rice ...
crystalline and compact structure is an excellent ingredient for risotto, rice salads, timbales and "arancini" of rice.

Rice is devoid of preservative agents, store in a cool, dry place before and after the opening of pack.

COOCKING TIME: 15-16 minutes

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<- 1kg/2.2lb Traditional cotton package 
<- 2kg/4.4lb Traditional cotton package 
<- 2.5kg/5.5lb Traditional cotton package 
<- 5kg/11lb Traditional cotton package 

<- 1kg/2.2lb vacuum packed
<- 2kg/4.4lb vacuum packed (only on demand)
<- 5kg/11lb vacuum packed (only on demand)

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Superfino Baldo Rice

peeled husked U.M. 
Proteins 9.64 7.85 g/100g
Fats 2.60 0.33 g/100g
Glucids 84.57 91.07 g/100g
Fiber 1.03 0.36 g/100g
Ashes 2.16
Amilosio 20.5 20.5 g/100g
Glue level  high
Culinary utilisation risotto, rice salad, soup, arancini of riso...

We suggest You one RECIPE in order to value at best manner our product. For your comfort you can also download it on your PC, print and conserve it: click on the push-button “download this recipe” .


RECIPE with Superfino Baldo Rice
INGREDIENTS: (for 4 people)

- 400g of Baldo rice 

- 100g of strawberries 

- 50g of butter 

- 50g of Grana Padano cheese 

- 20g of onions finely chopped 

- 1/4 of litre of cream to whip 

- meat soup 

– 0,50litre of white wine 

- 1 glass of red wine

15/16 minutes

- Wash the strawberries and cut them in large pieces, put them in a small pot with a red wine glass then all in the refrigerator for few hours.                                     - Inside a pot begin to brown the onions finely chopped together with the butter, now add the rice and just make it to brown a little bit.                                                           - Pour the glass of white wine into the pot and let it to evaporate.                                                              - Bathe the rice with the soup enough to cover it, and let it to evaporate, at last pour the wine of the strawberries.  - When the rice is quite ready, add the strawberries and the cream delicately stirring well and, when all is very homogenized, pour it in the plate and served on the table.

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